Producer. Director. Painter.  

Born in Mexico City

Grew up in Las Vegas

Live in Los Angeles.

American Film Institute Producing Fellow, 2015.
**Recipient of the Jeffrey Katzenberg Fellowship Award  +  Fellowship Award

UNLV graduate w/ BA in FILM, 2013.  
**Recipient of the Inaugural Johnny Brenden Filmmakers Award

J'adore:  film. art. lattes. coconuts. polaroids. magazines. lipstick. frozen grapes. ranunculus flowers.  mes amis et ma famille. grey. bubbles. coincidences. lounging in the element. laughing till my stomach hurts. lollipops. coffee table books. dancing to rad musique. bumping into friends i haven't seen in a while. anecdotes. smell of rain and fresh cut grass. random dance parties at ateliers. painting. my dog. meeting new people. 

C O N N E C T. P R O V O K E. I N S P I R E. E N G A G E. S H A R E. L O V E. A D M I R E. S U R R E N D E R. L I V E.