Succinct Tenderness

Disregard the date. This was in fact written mid September, 2015. 

Luxembourg jardin, Paris, France
Jazz playing. Kids laughing. Sirens ringing.i hear the water from the fountain.

The sun shining so bright. Perfect white and grey clouds hovering over on the crayola blue sky.
Greens and bright reds.

Toy sailing boats color the laguna blue water of the fountain.

And here I am.
Listening to myself. My thoughts. It's peace at its fullest. The most blissful feeling. And I can hear happiness, in my heart. Tears stroll down my cheeks. Like the light rain from a few nights ago. Cleansing me and bringing life to where there was none. 

I think I'm in a french film. In color. Dazzling- glaring- my heart shining, and I am smiling.