Radical Women: Latin America 1960-1985

I went to the Hammer museum exhibit or Radical Women, below are some of my favorites. Check it out. It's empowering. 

Sylvia Salazar Simpson (1970's) - She is a Chicana artist who used fresh and decaying foods on her hair aimed at challenging beauty canons and the concept of adornments as a way to beautify women. 




Lourdes Grobet (1975) - Mexican artist - Hora y Media - With this work, she proposed a radical transgression of the photographic ethos (preservation of the moment captured through the light imprinted on paper) as an eloquent metaphor of the invisibility of the woman artist. Her gestures recall Botticelli's Venus, but she chooses to be clothed, a deliberate nonobjectified version of it. 


Judith F. Baca (1976) - American Chicana Artist. Las Tres Marías. 


Ana Mendieta (1975) - Cuban  - Corazón de roca con sangre


Pattsi Valdes - East LA artist - Limitations Beyond My Control. - Valdes embraced urban hispanic culture. She was bothered by the way women were represented in the media. She also alludes to way men considered women as sexual objects.